Emmett’s Lab

We’re a small group of passionate people working on virtual cinematography for games, virtual production and storytelling!

Group Leader

    • Marc Christie

Marc Christie Associate Professor at University of Rennes 1, IRISA/INRIA.

I focus on smart tools to assist the creation of complex 3D contents by mixing Computer Graphics and Artificial Intelligence techniques.

  • real-time path planning for camera control
  • formalisation of cinematographic conventions (encoding characteristic viewpoints, continuity in edits, composition)
  • languages for cinematographic specifications
  • interactive tools for cinematographic content creation
  • tracked virtual cameras
  • cinematographic drones


Post-Doctoral Fellows

  • Quentin Galvane, Drone Cinematography, Automated Editing, Automated Lighting


PhD Students

  • Amaury Louarn, Virtual staging
  • Xi Wang, Visual SLAM for onset previs
  • Alexandre Bruckert, Gaze tracking and film editing


Master Students (2018-2019)

  • Alberto Jovane, Automated generation of static and dynamic virtual cameras
  • Anthony Mirabile, A Visual nodal interface for controlling Virtual Camera Systems
  • Ludovic Burg, Real-time estimation and anticipation of visibility for dynamic cameras
  • Yueh Lin, Deep learning of cinematographic features
  • Hongda Jiang, Camera Behaviors (Collaboration with BFA)


Former members

  • Hui-Yin Wu (PhD student), now post-doc at North Carolina State University
  • Christophe Lino (PhD student then post-doctoral fellow), now post-doc at Télécom Paristech
  • Cunka Sanokha (PhD student)
  • Billal Merabti (PhD student), now Associate Professor at École Polytechnique Algers
  • Emmanuel Badier (Research Engineer), now Research Engineer at University of Geneva


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