Immersive Previs at FMX 2019

The team has been demoing at FMX 2019 our latest Immersive Previs tool, combined with solidanim’s Previs-On-Set and with the help of Georges Méliès animation school.

The Immerisive Previs tool is a VR applcation for previsualisation of movies. Creators can easily perform the layout of a scene, capture actors motion (using IKinema or Xsens technologies), place cameras and camera rails, and perform edits. The key is to enhance the creativity of users through iterations and fast exploration of solutions, both as a tool for learners, and also creatives who don’t want to deal with complex 3D animation tools (Directors of Photography, Filmakers, Cinematographers).

For more details on the Immersive previs tools, see here IMMERSIVE PREVIS

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